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Introduction Video

Lew White shares his heart for Lamb Legacy Foundation in this short video.

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Lew's Books on Amazon

Many of Lew's books are available on Amazon. Click the link for easy access. 

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NEW! BYNV Large Print

Available on Pre-Order yours today! Click the link.

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Teacher Training Articles of Truth

Over 60 Articles of Truth are researched and written by Lew White to train teachers to discern Truth.  Yahusha's Spirit in us will  teach us, and to expose the false ideas of men's traditions. 

Conversations with Dan and Lew

Each month you will find a new conversation between Dan and Lew.  We are never sure where the conversation will go but you want to be sure to catch each one. Create your log in now!

TorahTalk with Lew and Mark

Lew and Mark unlock the mysteries of the Torah. Over the years they covered subjects important for all Natsarim to hear.

Lew's Gems

Natsarim Research Videos 2022

Live Torah Seminars

Live Torah Seminars are now ready for your amazing Natsarim training! There is a lot to learn. Enjoy!

TorahTalk First Fruits Series

Lew White and Mark Davidson.


TorahTalk Sharp Sickle Series

Lew White and Mark Davidson are breaking down strongholds in this informative and humorous video series. 


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