Heavy Yoke of Leaven (men's traditions)

yoke of leaven May 27, 2018

Conditioning over several centuries produced the term rabi / raboni.

The term means "my exalted one" and has been defined as teacher, but it was used as a title of great honor and bestowed on men by other men to control what they taught. These self-exalted men asked Yahusha where His authority to do the things He was doing came from - it had not come from them!

Yahusha used the term to explain how they were all hypocrites and pretenders, placing heavy burdens on those who fell under their influence. Rabboni is the same as rabbi, and is often translated chief, master, or leader in the world of the Prushim / Pharisees, who were the controllers of doctrines and appointments of who was granted the authority to teach.

Paul was formerly under the spell of this group of exalted men calling one another rabbi, and later referred to how far ahead of most of his age in his old way of living in "Yahudaism."


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