Springing into Action

Springing Into Action!
We have some good news, and some bad news to tell you.
Yahusha told us to do two things:
Teach all mankind the Name, and tell them to pledge obedience to everything we were instructed to obey.
Calling on the Name in our immersion seals us for the day of our redemption mentioned by Paul at Acts 17:22-34.
Yahusha's message to the world is a serious warning, and it is both "good news" and "bad news."
Get the steeple people to hear it, and the pillars will begin to disappear.
The fall of Babel is the next big thing; don't let it fall on you.
Save, Share, make copies, send attachments in email blasts.
Our work is enormously vast, but Yahusha will increase the workers if those who hear Him will spring into action!

The PDF Article "Name of Yahuah Written in Four Vowels" has been added to the Articles of Truth.  Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2uTdqnL   

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