The Path To The Truth

from lew's desk Apr 30, 2019
The Path To The Truth
The path to Truth involves trusting Yahuah's Word, and forgiving those who have offended us. We need to submit to being shaped by what was intended for evil, and letting Yahuah turn it into a blessing. Yahusha's indwelling gives us the power to overcome strongholds (false ideas), and surrender to the Truth and hold it fast.
We soon realize only Yahusha can guide us, not a teaching authority that presents itself with titles and credentials, which they award each other in order to be recognized. It’s a rank and file system of principalities and powers arrayed against the Truth.
They seek to control what is taught, and who teaches for them. These only lead us away from Yahusha, because they are false shepherds. Labels are another divisive approach we can fall into. Some may misunderstand us when we say "like the Jews did" - as if to imply all Yahudim then (and now) are in the same boat, deceived and being deceived - which is not true.
It was the teaching authority (then and now) that is confusing people. When we reject the human teachers with all their traditions (leaven), and study the Word of Yahuah for ourselves as we should, then the veil is lifted and our true Shepherd reveals His will to us. His purpose for us is different than the false shepherds, which is why the false shepherds are so disturbed by our rejection of them. By their fruits, you will discern them.
Our confusion stems from the traditions we’ve inherited from our forefathers.

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