From a weed to a Flower

google: yahusha May 26, 2018

“If you have Wiccans and Satanists smearing your reputation, be thankful and do good to them.

What at first glance may seem to be a weed can turn out to be a flower. People only grow toward the Light because they are drawn out of the darkness that was killing them. Show them love, not more darkness.

Google: YAHUSHA.”

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The Lock on His Name

google: yahusha May 22, 2018

Throughout time, those who placed themselves in authority over us have caused everyone to howl (wail nonsense) rather than pronounce the true Name of Yahuah.

The lock that was placed on His Name is being unlocked by the Key of knowledge in these last days. In spite of all the efforts designed to conceal the Name, it has not been lost. We are living in the times of restoration prophesied at Acts 3:19-21.

Soon the world will learn His Name is not Jesus, nor is it Isa, IESV, IHS, or IXTHUS.

Translators replaced His Name with Adonai, Kurios, Dominus, and LORD.

His Name is YAHUSHA, and it means "I am your Deliverer."


The goal here is to restore the Name of Yahuah to our speech from the inspired Hebrew sources. This goal has been resisted for thousands of years.

Yahuah tells us through the prophet ZefanYah they have done violence to His Torah. They also bent His language such that He promises to restore it to a clean lip:

Zef 3:9: “For then I shall...

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