A Good Tree Is Nourished By The Root

announcement May 28, 2018

A good tree is identified by the fruit. If someone is bitter and hateful, their behavior (fruit) shows everyone what kind of tree they are.

We have to ignore the fiery arrows, Yahusha is our Protector, and we do not have to respond in defense to every person who mistreats us.

He sees your tears and crushed heart - pray for those who mistreat you.
Just remember that as Yahusha was being nailed to the stake, he looked into the eyes of the man doing it. He did not hate the man in return, but gave His flesh over to the pain, and shed His precious blood for him, and all who would repent.

Love is producing a better world everyday.

The administrator of the new website is very close to opening it up for you to sign up for free teacher-training. When you receive the indwelling of Yahusha, only then are you able to learn from Him. His Natsarim are the branches of Yahusha.

He is the One speaking to you through us, "be restored to favor."
2 Korinthians 10:12: "For we do not presume to count...

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