Study of Two House Restoration

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019
There is a growing idea about the “true Israelites” founded upon a new wind of doctrine.
This racist approach to Scripture uses selected texts out-of-context, teaching there is an intrinsic superiority of those who are of whatever skin color they promote as being “the original” people Yahuah called His chosen-ones.
This is simply bigotry; whether black or white, yellow or red, Yahuah looks on the heart, not the stature or outward appearance.
He is not a respecter of persons, but looks for the presence of Himself reflected in their behavior (His character traits).
If you listen to anyone boasting they have a dominant role in teaching foreigners (people of other races), run  -  you are about to be devoured. 
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We have to respect those who teach, however the time has long since passed that those teaching others should expect the pew sitters to bear hearing them still using a false name, or teaching them to disobey. No one can obey FOR another person as they seem to embody their idea of "getting into heaven."
There is hardly anything taught that's not a myth, so Paul's prophecy at 2 Timothy 4 has been effectively going on since the 4th century.
We now need to warn the world of what is about to happen to them (reapers are coming, Mal. 4:1-6). 
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Build-up; never tear down. Fill the world with the Truth, and don’t fill it with the pastors’ traditions.
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