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“Yahusha in us” works through our vessels to speak to the lost. We are to be edified as we study together, but many teachers have gone out into the world to draw away the simple who will not study and test every teaching for themselves.If we consider certain people are unworthy in our eyes to be around, then we find ourselves excluding most, and surrounded only by those who adhere to what we agree with. There are divisions everywhere; some are called 7th Day Adventists, others Jehovah's Witnesses, or Universalists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Amish, Society of Friends, and so on. In the parable of the Pharisee and the publican (Luke 18), which one of these two men went to their house upright before Yahuah? When we place ourselves above others, we are self-exalted in our hearts, and very unlike Yahusha. One of the reasons people misunderstand Paul concerns his teaching the nations. He became like them in order that some of them might be delivered. I've also worked among the lost and received harsh criticism for being there, but those who were helped are thankful I was there to reach them. If someone is not sent, how will they hear? Astrologers, witches, murderers, thieves, fornicators, and atheists once surrounded me on a daily basis. The Truth presented in love goes forth to change hearts, and is an irresistible force. The rejection some experience is often caused by the presentation style, not the message.


Malaki 4:1-6 describes a day burning like a furnace, but few people have been warned what to do to prepare for it.

As we share with the lost they should feel our encouragement, not our condemnation. Yahusha in us will draw them as we allow Him to teach them Who He is with gentleness, humility, hopefulness, sincerity, and love without hypocrisy; we were once where they are. He calls all sinners to repent, for His reign is about to begin.

"Therefore we are ambassadors on behalf of Mashiak, as though Alahim were pleading through us. We beg, on behalf of Mashiak: Be restored to favor with Alahim."2 Korinthians 5:20

The unregenerate pagan hordes were compelled to become members of the universal (Catholic) magisterium, backed by the power of Constantine’s State religion. The dark ages began with the Nicene Council in 325 CE.

Several decades ago I drew an illustration that upset many people, but it illustrates how far we've fallen. It was an illustration for this short story:

One night, Kefa's (Peter's) brother Andrew had a dream.

In his dream, he was fishing by the side of the lake, and his brother Kefa, and friends YaAqob (James), and Yahukanon (John), drifted up in a little boat.

“Shalom Kefa! It’s been quite a night,” Andrew called to them.

“What’s with the bubbles and all the gear? It’s not Purim already is it?”he asked.

Kefa replied in a scornful tone of voice, “That’s Reverend Kefa to you, brother Andrew. I’ll not have you addressing me in such a profane manner.”

YaAqob, Yahusha’s brother, piped in, “And I’ll be Rabbi* YaAqob from now on, and this is Pastor Yahukanon; dig?  Otherwise, you can call us ‘Father’ if you wish.”  

*(Rabbi:  "my exalted one" from Hebrew root RAB lifted-up, exalted )

Andrew was stunned at the change in these formerly humble men. It made him feel very low, unimportant, and unloved. He said in a faint, hesitant voice, “Where have you been for the last several months, I’ve missed you all.”

Kefa said, “We’ve been studying in Rome, and now we have the whole rank-and-file worked out. We’ve adopted the patterns of the Kaisar’s religious council, due to its efficiency and absolute control. We’re pig-eating Sun-day worshippers now, calling ourselves ‘Christians’.  Help us with this monstrance!”


Belshazzar's Toast(pun intended)

It may have been a similar celebration to the modern New Year's Eve party long ago when Belshazzar's knees set to knocking. They used the cups of Yahuah and offered praises (toasted, honored) to demons, their mighty ones of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, and stone. Let's not raise any toasts at all, this is how the pagans did things for their mighty ones.


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