Springing into Action

Springing Into Action!
We have some good news, and some bad news to tell you.
Yahusha told us to do two things:
Teach all mankind the Name, and tell them to pledge obedience to everything we were instructed to obey.
Calling on the Name in our immersion seals us for the day of our redemption mentioned by Paul at Acts 17:22-34.
Yahusha's message to the world is a serious warning, and it is both "good news" and "bad news."
Get the steeple people to hear it, and the pillars will begin to disappear.
The fall of Babel is the next big thing; don't let it fall on you.
Save, Share, make copies, send attachments in email blasts.
Our work is enormously vast, but Yahusha will increase the workers if those who hear Him will spring into action!

The PDF Article "Name of Yahuah Written in Four Vowels" has been added to the Articles of Truth.  Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2uTdqnL   

If you are unable to get to this article please create a log in for yourself and all 60+ articles will...

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Yahusha Gardiner


In this blog post you can see and hear Lew speak to us about how we are Yahusha's gardeners. This post deals with practical ways we can accomplish being Yahusha's gardeners in our own back yards. Enjoy!

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Artificial Ingredients Are Addictive

commands traditions Jun 04, 2018

The whole world is about to discover they were fed lies by their teachers.
Artificial human traditions will be wiped away when the lava flood comes and melts the elements.

Revelation 12:17 tells us what enrages the dragon, but the Day of Yahuah will show the reward of those who will not turn away from the dragon's deceptions.

Watch the 17-minute discussion on the true belief here, and please leave your constructive comments:

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The Reeds Are Shaking In The Wind

The Reeds Are Shaking In The Wind
The reeds are all ignoring the real prophetic warning:

Malaki 4:1-6
"To the Torah and the Testimony!" (YashaYahu 8:20 speaks of the two things that enrage the dragon, Rev. 12:17).

If they do not speak according to this Word, it because there is no light in them. New ideas are constantly coming forth from "prophecy teachers" talking about the dreams they have after hunting down blood moons, the founding of the state of Israel (set-up by the United Nations), counting years, the Hebrew sum of the name of a world leader, etc., all with the underlying idea they know how to tell us when Yahusha will return.

The simple will believe everything they hear (Proverbs 14:15). Yahusha told us to expect this, remember? The message given to us to teach the nations has nothing to do with the dreams of a man with intentions to cause us to forget the Name of Yahuah (YirmeYahu 23:27).

The Name and the Word are our mission, our ordination by Yahusha to all who have ears...

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What Should We Think About Rebuilding A 3rd Temple?

What Should We Think About Rebuilding A 3rd Temple?

Animal blood to cover sin is the objective of the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount.
The bride of Yahusha is the 3rd Temple, built without hands, and we are already redeemed by the blood of Yahusha.
The idea of re-starting the sacrifice of animals is beyond any other insult imaginable to our Creator. The "old covenant" is the priesthood's process of offering animal blood as atonement for sin, but it has become obsolete, and now replaced by the renewed Covenant in Yahusha's perfect offering of His own blood.
The myth that the Ten Commandments is the "old covenant" is the greatest mistake mankind has made since the fall in the garden. The Ten Commandments are eternal, witnessed by the heavens and the arets, and confirmed at YirmeYahu 31. They will never pass away.
The blood of sheep and bulls will never deliver anyone;
trust only in Yahusha, and pledge your life to obey Him only.
I am my...
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